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Non-Medical Insurance

Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed Issue products offer life insurance to individuals who have health issues or those who would prefer to answer only a few quick questions in order to obtain approval.

This is a great product to help pay for final expenses and help protect the financial future of your family.
Apply and be approved in under 10 minutes!
Key Benefits:

  • No Medical Exam
  • Guaranteed Approval
  • Quick and Easy

Simplified Issue

Simplified Issue gives you the client piece of mind that there is an option for insurance coverage. With simplified issue all you need to do is answer a few medical questions to  get coverage. How these questions are answered then determines how much coverage you can receive and how much your premiums will be.
Key Benefits:

  • Plan for your family’s future
  • Excellent plan for individuals with health issues
  • Quick issue, usually coverage is approved within hours or
    days rather than weeks

CPP (Canada Protection Plan)?

Canada Protection Plan is one of Canada’s leading providers of No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance.

They are our preferred No-medical insurance provider, but we will work with you and your needs to find the best possible carrier at the best possible cost. There are a number of other No-Medical providers we have access


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